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Product Description

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Nylon equipment rack:
The nylon equipment rack with metal strengthened main inside of and there are 4 eyes and 6 eyes offered
Our equipment rack for sliding gate is most reputable and exported to Italy and so on in big amount.
There are several things accessible, for illustration, M4 8×30, M4 9X30, M4 10X30, M4 11X30, M4 12X30, M4 20X20, M4 22X22 and so on. All is steel substance galvanized.
For 1 meter length M4 8×30, M4 9X30, M4 10X30, M4 11X30, M4 12X30 equipment rack, each 4pcs packed into carton and a hundred twenty five cartons packed into 1 metal pallet. There are bolt, nut and washer sets connected for each and every gear rack.

Metal equipment rack
Metal equipment rack for cantilever sliding gate. Electroplate equipment rack with 8um thichness coating. Can make in model M3. M4. M5. M6…
Content: A3, 45&num, stainless metal

Floor treatment: Electroplate, galvanized
Packing: 4 pcs &additionally screws into 1 caron box.
Every carton has stainless steel bolts, nuts and washer sets inside of

Length X Width X H8 &lparMM)
M1 15X15X1000  
M1.5 17X17X1000  
M2 20X20X1000  
M2.5 25X25X1000  
M3 30X30X1000  
M4 40X40X1000  
M5 50X50X1000  
M6 60X60X1000  
M8 80X80X1000  

There are many kinds of gears, and the most typical classification strategy is by gear shaft. Usually, there are 3 kinds of the parallel axis, cross-axis, and staggered axis. 1) Parallel shaft gears: which includes spur gears, helical gears, inside gears, racks, and helical racks, and so forth. 2) Cross shaft gears: straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, zero-diploma bevel gears, and so forth. 3) Staggered shaft gears: There are staggered shaft helical gears, worm gears, hypoid gears, and so forth.
Racks are utilized to convert rotary motion into linear movement. The spur enamel of the rack minimize into 1 experience of the sq. or circular rod segment and perform with the pinion, which is a modest cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack. Generally, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.

China Free Design Custom Standard Spur Steel Gear Rack     near me shop